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A great place to start training! Learn how the Compass binder system will help you work smarter and faster by bundling searches and analytics.

Length 4:01 | PDF Companion

Learn how to create and manage alerts, how to bundle multiple alerts into a single email, and how to share alerts with other people.

Length 2:09 | PDF Companion

Learn how to quickly share your Compass research with your team.

Length 1:24 | PDF Companion

Learn how to export the tabs of most binders in Compass in a single file.

Length 2:51 | PDF Companion

Learn how to access the Binder Wall to view, update, and manage your Compass binders.

Length 1:39 | PDF Companion

Learn how to manage alerts for yourself or your group on the Alerts page.

Length 2:58

Learn how to find court orders on specific types of motions.

Length 2:37 | PDF Companion

Learn how to access the complete litigation history of a patent with just a few clicks.

Length 5:41 | PDF Companion

Learn how to investigate a judge’s decision history on specific types of motions and legal concepts to identify the strategies and arguments that have proven most successful.

Length 8:05 | PDF Companion