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Demystifying complex legal proceedings in the UPC

The UPC was created to alleviate the burden of fragmented patent litigation in Europe, where patent disputes were previously handled on a country-by-country basis, often resulting in conflicting judgments and high costs for patent holders. By centralizing patent litigation within a single court system, the UPC seeks to enhance legal certainty, reduce costs, and promote innovation by providing a unified forum for resolving patent disputes in Europe.  The UPC aims to promote transparency by providing open access to certain proceedings, judgments, and decisions, ensuring accountability and trust. However, accessing this information has turned out to be a real challenge. It’s complicated, confusing, and time-consuming.

Docket Navigator, in collaboration with IAM, bridges the gap between the UPC filing system and legal professionals by providing a concise weekly summary and expert analysis of UPC proceedings. Our platform champions the principles of openness, accountability, and informed decision-making within the legal community by demystifying complex proceedings and making them both accessible and understandable to users.

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  • Save time with attorney-written summaries of orders. Our attorneys dig through the details in court documents to provide detailed summaries of key findings.
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  • Click on patent numbers to quickly access more information from the European Patent Office.
  • Click on firm names to get more information about key players in cases.
  • Gain insight into who is using the UPC and what divisions are most active.

UPC Dashboards

UPC Snapshot

The UPC Tracker provides a summary of court activity in the Unified Patent Court. It answers questions such as which divisions are most active and which patent classifications are litigated the most.

UPC Opt-Outs

The opt-out search allows for faster identification of patents voluntarily excluded from UPC proceedings.

Litigated Patents

Find patents related to a UPC proceeding by searching for attorneys, firms, parties, or cooperative patent classification.

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