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Written by our data scientist and experienced attorney editors, Special Reports provide in-depth analysis on topics and trends that matter most to you.

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Case Outcomes

The complicated, but necessary, process of determining wins and losses in federal patent cases.

News & Announcements

Paice LLC v. BMW Patent Litigation: An Overview

Inquartik recently published a case-study of auto-maker BMW’s defensive strategy against claims that it infringed patents that disclosed high-voltage technology intended to improve the efficiency of gasoline-electric hybrid powertrains.  Using [...]

September Release Notes

We’ve added a new Case Outcomes by Year graph (an addition to our current Accusation Outcomes by Year graph), which charts each case as a single, concatenated outcome.

August Release Notes

You can now see a firm’s ranking based on its win-rate in patent cases. This new way of looking at firms allows the user to refine the filters with remarkable precision, highlighting the strengths of the firm in certain types of cases, in certain jurisdictions, etc.

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