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Written by our data scientist and experienced attorney editors, Special Reports provide in-depth analysis on topics and trends that matter most to you.

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Case Outcomes

The complicated, but necessary, process of determining wins and losses in federal patent cases.

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October Release Notes

Our revamped Patent and Party summary pages now show an at-a-glance prosecution and litigation history for each patent and party in our system. We’ve leveraged our new Tableau charts to give users more “data per pixel,” leading to a more concise, meaningful profile experience.

Paice LLC v. BMW Patent Litigation: An Overview

Inquartik recently published a case-study of auto-maker BMW’s defensive strategy against claims that it infringed patents that disclosed high-voltage technology intended to improve the efficiency of gasoline-electric hybrid powertrains.  Using [...]

September Release Notes

We’ve added a new Case Outcomes by Year graph (an addition to our current Accusation Outcomes by Year graph), which charts each case as a single, concatenated outcome.

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