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New Court Profile Tabs

For each court in our system, there are several tabs on the left side of the page with new tools for understanding a court’s patent litigation trends. Please read below for more details about the latest analytics tools available in your Docket Navigator subscription, or click on one of this past year’s busiest courts to check it out for yourself.


The Overview tab gives you a birds-eye view of the courts’s track record in patent litigation.  View quick case stats and see where the court ranks amongst other jurisdictions in the same forum.  Find out what patent technology centers the court has the most experience in and evaluate summary statistics on determinations and remedies.

Case Outcomes

Ascertain how friendly a court might be towards plaintiffs or defendants and compare that to the average of all outcomes in the same forum. We’ve excluded settlements by default but if those are important to your case, switch them back on.

Motion Success

The Motion Success tool helps you find the historical grant rate of specific motion types.  For example, find the grant rate for Motions to Transfer Venue for Convenience and then click on a segment of the bar chart to see a list of the underlying court documents.

Parties and Firms

With the Parties and Firms tab, you can find the parties or firms with the most experience in Patent Cases in the court.  We’ve added new flags to identify Highly Assertive Entities and Local Counsel in the list, and they can be excluded with just a few clicks. Click on Parties to navigate directly to their profile or click on numbers to see a list of Patent Cases in the selected court involving that party.

Finding & Using Court Profile Analytics

Analytics tools for a specific court can be found exclusively in the Court Profile.  The Court Profile can be accessed by clicking on a courts’s name in Docket Navigator email publications or throughout the search interface.  To find a Court Profile from the main search page, begin typing and select the court name in the box labeled Court in the Profiles section.

Newest Analytics Tools

Take Docket Navigator for a test drive.

Inside the Docket Navigator Analytics Toolkit

We’ve been hard at work on a full spectrum rebuild of our analytics toolkit to give our users faster, more focused data visualizations and easy access to the data behind the charts. Here are a few of the features that come with the upgraded analytics toolkit.

New Features