Tracking cases has never been so easy.

Attorney-Written Summaries Delivered to Your Inbox

Without the right tools, tracking complex litigation can be challenging. Receiving notifications of new docket entries is a good start, but docket entries rarely provide a full explanation of what occurred and often require additional work to fully understand.

When you track a case in Docket Navigator, we do the work for you.

Case Profile Alerts deliver new docket entries, of course, but also attorney-written summaries of the underlying documents so you know exactly what happened, why it happened, and how it could impact your clients. If you want to dig even deeper, the alerts also include links to the underlying documents.

Docket Alerts Include:

Summaries of new orders filed in the case

New pleadings and parties in the case

New patents asserted in the case

New remedies awarded in the case

New claim constructions in the case

New accusations asserted in the case

New determinations in the case

It’s easy to create, manage and delete your alerts.


Access a Case Profile

Click on a case name anywhere in Docket Navigator or a Docket Navigator email or search for a Case Profile from the main search page.


Activate the Case Profile Alert

Click the File menu and select a delivery frequency.


Manage and Delete Alerts

Find and manage all of your alerts in one place.  Just open the main menu and click Alerts.