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The litigation landscape can change quickly. Landmark court decisions, changes to controlling statutes, and evolving business strategies all contribute to the volatility. Strategies that worked in the past might not work well today, and staying up to date can be challenging. Fortunately, Docket Navigator makes it easy with daily updates of key litigation events, weekly updates of shifting trends, as needed deep-dive reports when disruptive events occur, and custom alerts that focus on events that matter to you.

“Do not spare any reasonable expense to come at early and true information; always recollecting, and bearing in mind, that vague and uncertain accounts of things [are] … more disturbing and dangerous than receiving none at all.”

— George Washington


The Docket Report

The Docket Report provides a concise, daily summary of patent, copyright, and trademark litigation in U.S. District Courts sent directly to your inbox. For Patent litigation we also cover PTAB and ITC. Our team of attorney editors and data analysts carefully categorize and annotate every complaint, and every substantive decision in our selected practice areas. The result is an attorney-curated, bird’s-eye view of the most recent court activity that has become an industry staple in patent litigation.

The Docket Report is available for the following libraries: Patent, Trademark, Copyright, & Antitrust

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Weekly Insights Email

Track patent litigation activity and statistics on a weekly basis with Weekly Insights. Each edition contains current analytics on:

  • Top firms that week
  • The most popular Judge, Court, Patent, Firm, Party and Case Profiles
  • The top damages award
  • The “biggest” case filed
  • The most popular order of the week
  • Case filing trends
  • Cases that were appealed or are approaching trial

Weekly Insights is only available for the Patent library.

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Special Reports

Special reports provide insights about disruptive events such as landmark court decisions, significant changes in controlling statutes, or shifts in the economics of patent litigation. Special Reports take a deep-dive look at litigation statistics before and after the event to help you understand how it might impact your practice and litigation strategy. Here are just a few of the special reports:

  • Analysis of Patent Litigation in the Western District of Texas
  • 2019 Year in Review
  • The impact of Alice on Patent Litigation
  • Analysis of Patent Litigation in the Eastern District of Texas
  • 2018 Year in Review
  • The Impact of TC Heartland on Patent Litigation

Special Reports are only available for the Patent library.

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Docket Alerts

Simplify With One Email Per Binder. Docket Navigator creates a single Docket Alert email for all tabs (separate searches) in a binder. For example, the following searches could be combined into a single binder (one tab per search) and Docket Navigator will send a single email with updates on all of the searches:

  • new cases involving a company
  • new filings in any case
  • decisions involving certain legal concepts (e.g., §101 unpatentability)
  • rulings on a specific type of motion (e.g., motions for attorney fees)

You control the recipient list and frequency. Changes to the binder automatically update the alerts.

Docket Alerts are available for the following libraries: Patent, Trademark, Copyright, & Antitrust