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H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Track New Cases

You’ve got a great team and now you want expand your client base and maintain existing clients. Here’s how Docket Navigator can help:

The Docket Report includes a summary of every new case filed in any U.S. district court involving one of our covered practice areas (patent, trademark, copyright, and antitrust). For patent cases, this includes new proceedings in the PTAB and the ITC. Each summary includes key case information such as the parties, plaintiffs’ counsel and the asserted patents.

Be the first to know.

If you’d like to be alerted to new cases throughout the day, opt into the New Case Alerts. We monitor PACER for new cases throughout the day and will let you know as soon as there is activity to report.

A more focused approach.

If you’re interested in a more focused list of new cases, create an alert on new cases that fit your needs. For example, you can limit the alert to specific companies, courts, judges, technologies, etc.

Accelerate your response time.

Firms with unlimited plus subscriptions can access our new case API to import new case information for internal processes like business development and conflicts checks.

Evaluate Your Competition

Highlight your firm’s strengths with the Firm Comparison Report. Enter up to three different law firms to instantly create a detailed comparison of the firms’ patent litigation track record.

Attorneys and in-house counsel can now accurately compare a law firm’s experience with its competitor using real, historical data.  The results can be used to lay the groundwork for truly insightful business and litigation strategies.

A comparison of the law firms’ patent litigation experience, measured by number of cases or accusations, and trial experience.

A comparison of the law firms’ wins losses in district courts, the PTAB and the ITC.

A comparison of the law firms’ top patentee and patent challenger clients.

A comparison of remedies (damages and injunctions) for and against the law firms’ clients.

A comparison of how quickly the law firm’s patent cases reach critical milestones.

Assess Patent Validity

Patent validity is an important issue in nearly every patent case. But evaluating validity issues is expensive and time consuming. Quality Insights provides one-click access to validity reports that speed up the process and accelerate your response time. Quality Insights:

  • Summarizes key legal events in the patent’s prosecution history and post-grant proceedings such as Non-Final and Final Rejections, Remarks, Notice of Allowance, and IPR Petitions.
  • Maps claim terms to the specification to highlight potential § 112 defenses like indefiniteness and lack of written description.
  • Identifies potential prior art using four automated prior art aggregators to highlight potential § 102 and § 103 defenses.