New Features

Firm’s Ranking

You can now see a firm’s ranking based on its win-rate in patent cases. This new way of looking at firms allows the user to refine the filters with remarkable precision, highlighting the strengths of the firm in certain types of cases, in certain jurisdictions, etc.

  • Want to showcase your expertise in client presentations or marketing campaigns? Now you can at a click. With unbiased litigation data from a neutral third-party like Docket Navigator, you’ll be more prepared than ever.
  • Are you a client looking for a firm for your next litigation campaign? Now you can meaningfully do your own research, and select the firm that’s the best fit for you.
View Firm Rankings

QI Patentcloud

We’re excited to announce a partnership with InQuartik that uses some amazing AI to analyze patents, file wrappers, and potential prior art. This gives users access to a patent’s key legal events from prosecution and post-grant proceedings. Plus Subscribers have unlimited access to all content initially displayed in the new QI Tabs, and InQuartik is offering a free trial for additional content. More information is available here.


With Quality Insights (QI) on Patentcloud, you can quickly find helpful information about the patent’s quality and potential defenses. You can find 35 USC § 102 and § 103 prior art references by simply clicking on any event from the list. The office actions are extracted with the grounds mapped with the legal basis of the challenge, highlighted claims, and the prior art cited by the examiners.

view a QI patentcloud folder

New Version of the Patent Case Summary

A popular feature for Plus users – the Case Summary – has been given an amazing new face-lift. Now when you click on a case, you’ll be greeted by an easy-to-read timeline that lets you know exactly what’s happened in the case thus far.

  • The outcome of the case is readily apparent, along with Determinations, Remedies, etc.
  • Interactive charts allow you to view historical outcomes for any party in the case.
  • You can easily view the firms that have historically represented any party in the case.
view a case summary

Copyright & Trademark Upgrade

We’ve given our Copyright and Trademark Libraries a major facelift! We’ve finished adding support for a number of analytics we’ve currently been hosting only in our Patent library: Time to Milestones and Timelines. We’ve paired these with our recently-added Motion Success charts to dramatically overhaul our Judge/Court/Firm/Party/Mark profiles in both libraries.


Better analytics power more efficient litigation strategy. See at a click how long a court typically takes to reach summary judgment, view case timelines, see a Judge’s grant rates for Motions to Dismiss under 12(b)(6), and much more.

Data Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Case Outcome Filter
  • HAE Party Type
  • Allow deletion of multiple remedies
  • Changed Create Alert button to active color
  • Added patent re-exam certificates in patent summary
  • Patentcloud tab order and image updates
  • Added Alert auto save feature from the File Menu
  • Admin page tool update (disable button state for actions requiring row selection)
  • Add user’s name to title on litigation history page
  • ‘begins with’/’contains’/’is exactly’ always visible in documents search