February Release Notes

This chart shows the progression of a PTAB case from institution to termination, breaking down institution rates, settlement rates, Final Written Decisions (by outcome type), and much more.

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December Release Notes

The Docket Sheet displays have been revamped to create a one-page, holistic case overview. This new overview allows users to scroll through an entire Case Docket, viewing both traditional docket entries and expandable sections for events and annotations in filings that have been processed.

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2020 Year In Review

2020 Year In Review Over the past year, we’ve added new analytical tools that help make our data more user friendly and interactive. To that end, we’ve built two versions of this report; an online interactive version called the Omnibus Report, and this clickable PDF. Click on buttons and charts throughout this report to open the interactive version and add or modify parameters for your own customized results. The Omnibus Report is updated in real time so you can stay current throughout the year. Download Report Explore Online Version Inside This Report Despite [...]

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White Paper: Case Outcomes

Patent litigation can be messy and confusing, overwhelming even to the most experienced of judges and practitioners. Docket Navigator’s case and accusation outcome model described in this report ensures the most complete and accurate reporting of litigation wins and losses possible.

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October Release Notes

Our revamped Patent and Party summary pages now show an at-a-glance prosecution and litigation history for each patent and party in our system. We’ve leveraged our new Tableau charts to give users more “data per pixel,” leading to a more concise, meaningful profile experience.

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Paice LLC v. BMW Patent Litigation: An Overview

Inquartik recently published a case-study of auto-maker BMW’s defensive strategy against claims that it infringed patents that disclosed high-voltage technology intended to improve the efficiency of gasoline-electric hybrid powertrains.  Using Docket Navigator and Quality Insights (QI), a trail between the district court cases and the PTAB is clearly visible, and the prior art references revealed through QI’s patent validity analysis are key components in successfully challenging the patents at issue.  View the full article here.

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InQuartik Corporation to Partner With Docket Navigator to Provide On-Platform Patent Analysis Capabilities

The alliance will allow Docket Navigator’s users to access comprehensive patent validity reports. The new function will be integrated natively in Docket Navigator’s interface, centralizing patent litigation work under one roof. Users will be able to gather helpful information about the patents’ quality, aiding potential defense strategies, or patent invalidity actions. Taipei, TW/Austin, TX | Aug 27, 2020 — ​InQuartik Corporation​, a global leader in providing patent analytics and solutions backed by timely and complete patent data, announced today that it has signed a cooperative agreement with ​Docket Navigator​, the most comprehensive patent litigation database available, to [...]

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